Live music at the Coffeehouse Lounge

Take a break every Thursday night to hear live music and enjoy free food in the Coffeehouse Lounge (3rd floor, MIT Student Center).

Sponsored by the Campus Activities Complex, the Coffeehouse Lounge brings in musicians from MIT and the Berklee College of Music. The weekly event offers students a chance to experience a cofeehouse-like atmosphere and live music without ever having to leave campus. 
"Since I began working here in 2008, the Coffeehouse was always trying to spark some life," said Aaron Donaghey, event planning assistant for the Campus Activities Complex. "We had good programming, but nothing ongoing so we decided to start a live music series."
Donaghey said that the program started slow, but grew a little each week with an average of 20-30 students coming and going every Thursday evening. The lineup changes weekly and features a variety of music from jazz to folk to rock. 
Check out MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble on Thursday, October 18, from 7-9:00 pm in the Coffeehouse Lounge. Follow the Coffeehouse Lounge on Facebook for updates on performances.