Bon App├ętit lauded by noted food columnist

Bon Appétit Management Company, recently selected as the vendor to operate the new MIT House Dining program, has been lauded twice in the past month by one of the most recognized food writers in the United States. Writing in the New York Times, columnist Mark Bittman singled out Bon Appétit for its corporate values and its approach to food quality and preparation.

Bittman first noted Bon Appetit's advocacy for the rights of farm workers, calling BAMCO "the most principled food service company in the country."

In a later column, Bittman describes visiting some of Bon Appétit's college operations and eating the same food as the students. He praises Bon Appétit's commitment to from-scratch cooking and sustainable practices. The result, he notes, is not just good policy but great food. "This is cafeteria food that you actually want to eat, food that deserves to be served with wine ... They’re demonstrating that mass-produced and mass-served food can in fact be real food," Bittman states.

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