Today in Maseeh Hall: Coffee with the construction crew

Today in Maseeh Hall: Coffee with the construction crew

This morning, construction workers for the new Maseeh Hall (W1) joined Institute Chaplain Robert Randolph in the W11 Main Dining Room for coffee, light breakfast, and a pat on the back for all their hard work. 

“We really appreciate what they’re doing," said Randolph. "Often we don’t get to meet the people who do the work, but it’s important and we want to show them that."

Hard hats filled the room as workers grabbed coffee and breakfast to warm up from the cold. With temperatures in the single digits, thankfully much of the work on the building is now inside. "It would be a rough day to be on the roof," joked Travis Wanat, Senior Project Manager for W1 who attended the breakfast along with Sonia Richards, Program Manager for W1. 

Also in attendance was Henry Humprehys, Senior Associate Dean for Residential Life and Dining, who was appreciative of the opportunity to thank the construction crew. “This is the first time someone has done something like this for the workers," said Humphreys. "It’s a nice change." 

Daily the crew gets to witness the transformation of Maseeh and their hands are literally responsible for the finished product. "The character and the architecture of the building is beautiful," said Chris Flaherty, one of the workers. Another worker, David Micaud, added, "the building is nice and the people at MIT are nice."

Check out what the construction crew will be up to at Maseeh the week of Jan. 24:

West Elevation / McCormick Hall
Underground plumbing work continues this week. Exterior wall work continues this week including metal stud framing and masonry. Installation of blocking and roofing materials also continues this week, dependent on weather.  

North, South and East Elevations / Amherst Street, Memorial Drive and Mass Ave:
High roofing work continues this week and includes installation of siding for the Stair elevator penthouse, installation siding for the Stair penthouse and duct installation.  All pending weather conditions. Steel for Stair C scheduled to be delivered this week and installation will continue through the next 2 weeks. Delivery of Electrical Equipment will continue through the next 4 weeks.

Interior Work:
Mechanical and Elevator shafts in progress.  Ground floor mechanical and electrical rough-in in progress in all areas, including the electrical and mechanical rooms.  Installation of Stair C in progress.

Work on the Floors is as follows:

  • Floor 6:  Installation of Gyp. Board continues, Roof Penetrations continue.
  • Floor 5:  Painting, waterproofing installation at bathrooms, quartz and ceramic tile flooring installation, fin tube installation, millwork, jumpax flooring system.
  • Floor 4:  Complete taping of drywall in corridors, waterproofing installation at bathrooms, millwork installation, painting, start hanging of fin tube. 
  • Floor 3:  Taping of drywall, painting.
  • Floor 2:  Ceiling Inspection Scheduled for this week, gyp board ceilings to start, drywall installation, taping of drywall, lighting rough-in to finish.
  • Floor 1:  Wall framing, MEP rough-in, drywall installation
  • Ground:  Wall framing, MEP rough-in