MIT Hummus Experience: Giving chickpeas a chance since 2008

Wednesday's fourth annual MIT Hummus Experience gave the MIT community the opportunity to vote for the best home-made hummus.


Sponsored by MIT Hillel, Students for Israel, MIT - Israeli Association, and the MISTI MIT-Israel (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives), the Hummus Experience is a highlight of IAP (Independence Activities Period).


The taste-off gives community members the chance to sample and then vote for the best hummus, home-made by MIT students. The key ingredients are chickpeas, garlic, lemon, salt, tahini, and olive oil. At the Hummus Experience, the variations in flavor and texture are dazzling and keep people coming back for more. Free hummus, pitas, giveaways, and even hummus ice cream from JP Licks were part of the event.


Check out photos below from the 2011 Hummus Experience. To learn more about the Hummus Experience, visit the Hillel website.  



















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