Alpha Kappa Theta (KAT) Sorority paired up with Alpha Delta Phi (ADPhi) fraternity to write holiday cards to patients in the Boston Children’s Hospital.
Around this time of year, one of the most interesting things one can do is scroll through the list of IAP courses and see what catches the eye.
Due to the blizzard, MIT will close at 7 pm today and will remained closed Tuesday. For more information visit
On November 14, Kappa Alpha Theta executed their fourteenth annual KATWalk, a fashion show that has been the sorority’s signature philanthropy event for the past five years.
Neuroscience and religion – these are two topics that many people view as antagonistic, separate and unable to coexist and reconcile their primary paradigms and dogmas.
There’s nothing quite like gazing off the peak of a mountain at the vast landscape to give some perspective.
  “Acknowledge that there’s a problem.” “Educate yourself with an open mind.”
The holidays at MIT are filled with festive happenings: dances, a cappella groups singing carols, even spontaneous free hot chocolate in the Student Center.
Many in the MIT community can look to a professor who made a significant impact on their education and their future.
  It requires hours of dedicated practice and training. Even then it demands complete devotion of mind and body.