Alex Knoedler ’18 is pursuing his passion for flying as an AeroAstro student and a Squadron Cadet Commander in the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC), striving to fly fighter jets as a combat or test pilot and ultimately taking this experience to the astronaut corps at NASA.
Leadership is a core component of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).
“If it wasn’t for AFROTC I wouldn’t be taking risks or taking every one of the opportunities I have been presented.” 
“Over the first three years here at MIT I felt like I was leading two distinct lives: my ROTC life and my academic life.
Babatunde Alawode, a 4th-year Ph.D. student in Mechnical Engineering, was enrolled at the University of Lagos near his hometown of Abeokuta, Nigeria, when he first heard of MIT.
For the last four years, MIT Physical Education has been offering the Boot Camp for Athletes course in response to student requests for a more physically challenging offering.
MIT Physical Education Hip Hop Dance Instructor Christin Collins began training as a dancer at the age of four and continued her education at Boston University where she completed a dance minor.
“MIT’s strong history in leading the technology paradigm attracted me and made me aspire and decide to be part of it.”
  Tiffany Yeh ’17 of Course 3A came to MIT from Taichung, Taiwan and soon found an interest for international development.
All the kids came running up to me. Their eyes were fixated on the measuring tape and the camera that I was carrying. Their happiness reminded me of the days when I used to get a school uniform from my family once every two years. We counted a total of 53 students and took their measurements for the school uniform: shirt and pant for boys and shirt and skirt for girls.