State, local and MIT officials gathered in MIT’s North Court on Friday morning to celebrate the life of Officer Sean Collier.
MIT boasts some quirky club sports--quidditch, anyone?--but few are as quirky as the icy sport of curling.
One thousand students and community members raise more than $85,000 for cancer research at all-night event.
A group of MIT aquatic athletes is working to bring a wave of change to the lives of Boston-area high school students.
MIT is chock-full of organizations and groups that seek to join likeminded students together and bring their shared interests to the community at large.
The Mocha Moves team brought their gold medal game to the Mocha Moves Molympics show on Saturday, with dances choreographed and performed by the members of this year’s team.
The 2017 MIT Class Council welcomed alumni from the Class of 1967—the Institute’s 100th class—together with their own class of 2017, MIT’s 150th class, for a day of connecting, learning, and laughing.
If someone were to ask you what comes to mind when you think of medieval foods, what would it be?
To some, a cup of tea involves tossing a bag of your favorite leaves into a cup of hot water.
MIT has a long history of welcoming students from different backgrounds and countries all over the globe, and wherever they’re from, MIT works to help them find opportunities for cultural enrichment on campus.