Policies and Procedures

Good Samaritan Policy

The outcomes and processes developed for this document were created by MIT undergraduate students, staff and other members of the MIT community known as the Alcohol Policy Working Group.



All students are expected to seek immediate medical attention and treatment for themselves or others in circumstances when they experience the potentially dangerous effects associated with the use of alcohol.  In a situation where a student seeks attention for an alcohol-related medical emergency, MIT will treat the situation as a health and safety matter, not as a disciplinary incident. This practice of reducing barriers to getting help will be extended not only to the student receiving medical attention, but also to the student(s) who call for help.  Students that are the victim of a crime while under the influence of alcohol will not face disciplinary repercussions for the alcohol use at the time of the incident.

In Practice

In an alcohol-related medical emergency, students are expected to:

(1) contact emergency officials by calling 100 (on campus) or 617-253-1212

(2) remain with the individual(s) requiring treatment and cooperate with emergency officials

(3) meet with appropriate Institute administrative staff after the incident, and

(4) cooperate with Institute officials.  Students that receive medical attention through this practice will be required to complete educational and/or counseling program(s) that are meant to support the student and connect them with other community services and resources that may be beneficial.



This practice does not apply to students that are involved in serious or flagrant violations of the MIT policy (including, but not limited to violence, harassment, serious property damages or instances where groups of students require medical attention).


Office of the Dean for Student Life; for full policy see