Academic and Administrative Offices

Minority Education (Office of)
Building 4, Room 107
The MIT Office of Minority Education
The mission of the OME is to promote academic excellence, build strong communities, and develop professional mindsets among students of underrepresented minority groups, with the ultimate goal of developing global leaders in the academy, industry, and society.
Consistent with the mission, the OME:
•    Introduces students to the complexities of MIT, assists them with challenging courses, and provides access to vital research, industry experience, and connections.
•    Listens to students’ ambitions and invites them to explore opportunities, serving as a crucial social nexus and source of guidance.
•    Helps students achieve excellence in their work and balance in their lives, from matriculation to graduation.
•    Through our programs and our community of scholarship and support, equips students to thrive in this competitive environment and succeed in the world beyond.
The OME provides a supportive social, emotional and cultural environment for underrepresented minority students at MIT. It also serves as an information base on opportunities for academic pursuits during the undergraduate years. The OME offers academic enrichment, leadership development, and mentoring programs and services that are open to all MIT students. These include workshops, tutorials, small groups on enhancing study skills, graduate school and academic workshops, academic seminars [for which students can receive credit] and providing access for students to alumni, faculty and other resources at MIT.