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Conflict Resolution@MIT

Building W20, Room 507

Every individual, every couple, every team has conflict. When addressed effectively, we believe conflict has the potential to be educational, creative, and to strengthen relationships.

Conflict Resolution@MIT (formerly Mediation @ MIT) builds capacity within the Institute community to deal effectively with conflict. We offer direct conflict resolution services to parties in conflict, outreach and education in the form of presentations and workshops, and conflict management and mediation training to members of the MIT community, with priority given to graduate and undergraduate students.

Conflict Resolution@MIT provides:

•    Confidential* consultations

•    Mediation for individuals or groups    

o    A skilled and impartial third party helps people in conflict clarify their issues and goals, communicate about the situation, and potentially reach a mutually agreed upon resolution.  Decisions are made by the parties and the process is voluntary and confidential.*  

•    Conflict coaching

o    A skilled and impartial coach assists an individual in conflict to clarify the issues and ways to address them more effectively and efficiently on their own. These skills and resources are provided in a confidential* setting.

•    Facilitation services

o    A skilled facilitator can get a group off to a constructive start and/or get a group back on track. No group project is too small or too big.

•    Presentations and workshops                          

An experienced practitioner provides custom presentations or workshops on a variety of conflict management skill sets, including conflict styles, active listening, negotiation, and conflict in the lab/workplace, among others. A collaborative value-add to organization, class, or living group programming. Conflict Resolution@MIT partners with others across campus on workshops and presentations; we assist in integrating conflict management skills into the group's culture.


Mediation, Conflict Coaching, and Conflict Management trainings for students, faculty, and staff who work with students throughout the year.

MIT Conflict Resolution also provides support for the REFS (Resources for Easing Friction and Stress) Programs at MIT (Please see the REFS Programs entry for more information).

*Confidentiality Policy: MIT Conflict Resolution will keep all conversations in confidence with the following exceptions: 1) The express  permission of all parties involved, and/or 2) When a participant poses imminent risk of serious harm to self or others.

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