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Women have been an important part of MIT since the first woman, Ellen Swallow Richards, graduated in 1873. In her first year here, MIT's first woman President, Susan Hockfield, said, "One of MIT's central values is its commitment to being a true meritocracy, where success is measured by talent and accomplishment alone. This commitment is reflected in the growth of women faculty and students at MIT over the past couple of decades." Woman now make up over 45% of the student body, and it is a student body filled with intelligent, talented women leaders.

Women@MIT serves as a central location of information and resources for women students at MIT. It functions to make students aware of the network of offices, departments, and organizations that exist to support and empower women students at MIT. Women@MIT also proides a number of events and programs that promote community building and engagement, as well as providing oversight to the Margaret Cheney Room, MIT's Women's Community Center.

Please check out what has to offer! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please email us at

Margaret Cheney Room (3-310):
MIT's Women's Community Center exists to promote community and empower all women students at MIT. We welcome students regardless of background, culture, race, religion, or sexual orientation and practices. We provide resources, events, and staff that are focused on developing and supporting women students.

The Cheney Room is a great quiet place to study, meet with a group, or just grab a moment. The Cheney Room has bathrooms, a kitchen, a piano, and much more! ID access can be granted by the Student Activities Office by emailing Please allow 24 hours before access is granted.

Among the many people and offices that support students, here are a few other places to start:

  • Community Wellness [617.253.1316 or] – providing resources and programs to help you make healthy choices.  How to make the most of the sleep you do get - how to eat healthy on campus - how to relax (253-CALM)- etc. 
  • MIT Medical - Women students can receive free or low-cost health care at MIT Medical. Sexual health exams, breast exams, prescriptions for birth control, and other services are provided through Internal Medicine. Medical also has a full-service Obstetrics and Gynecology department which provides specialized care for sexual and reproductive health concerns.
  • MIT Police [617.253.1212 or in emergency dial x100 from any campus phone] - You can contact to end unwanted, annoying or harassing emails.
  • MIT Women’s and Gender Studies program [617.253.8844] - Outstanding classes and seminars open to all students.
  • Student Activities Office [617.253.6777 or] – talk to the Assistant Director for Leadership and Women’s Support.  Learn about various women's student organizations, programming, the Cheney Room, etc.
  • Student Support Services [617.253.4861] – providing advocacy and consultation around academic concerns and personal challenges.  A great place to start if you're not sure where to go.

If you are being harassed or stalked, or if you have been sexually assaulted, there are a range of supports you can contact – the best starting point being the 24/7 Advocate at: 617-253-2300 or  

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