Mind and Handbook

MIT Mind and Hand Book

The Mind and Hand Book is your guide to all aspects of your life as a student at MIT. The Mind and Hand Book contains standards, guidelines, regulations, and procedures regarding general behavior and policies for all undergraduate and graduate students including those residing in Institute-approved housing and living groups.

The Institute reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or changes to these policies at any time. The most updated version of the Mind and Hand Book is located online at: http://studentlife.mit.edu/mindandhandbook.


MIT Mind and Hand Book Index

 I.            Introduction

II.           Policies Regarding Student Behavior

1.      Academic Integrity
6.      Disorderly Conduct
10. Hacking
13. Hazing
25. Theft

III.             Policies Regarding Residence Halls and Apartments

IV.              Policies Regarding Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups

A. Terms and Conditions of Recognition and Good Standing
B. Discrimination and Harassment
C. Hazing
5.      Violations
A.  Judicial Procedures
B.  Interim Action

V.                 Other Selected Institute Policies

2.      Bicycling on Campus

VI.              Complaint and Disciplinary Procedure

VII.           Resources

7.      Lost and Found
8.      MIT Medical
9.      MIT Police



The Mind and Hand Book is published by the MIT Division of Student Life. For questions about any policies or procedures, contact the Office of Student Citizenship via email at citizenship@mit.edu or via phone at 617-253-3276.

The Mind and Hand Book is © MIT 2014.