We don’t compromise when it comes to helping you negotiate

Conflict is a completely normal part of life; everyone has conflict. But sometimes the strategies we use to deal with conflict don't work, and we end up having bad conflicts. At Conflict Resolution@MIT, we're here to help you have better conflicts (or prevent bad conflicts).

Conflict Resolution@MIT offers confidential* consultations about difficult conversations, difficult people, or ways to handle a dispute or conflict.

In addition to mediation, coaching, and facilitation services, we offer trainings and workshops--from one hour of contact time to 40--in the suite of conflict management skills.

Come visit us! Our offices are located in the Student Center 5th floor -- W20 - 507.

* Confidentiality Policy: We keep all conversations in confidence and will only share with the permission of the visitor or party - except in the unusual situation of imminent risk of harm to self or others.