Office of Multicultural Programs 2nd level

MC^2 2015 Workshops


 Conference Schedule
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Time Event Room
8:00am Breakfast TBA
9:00am Introductions/Ice Breaker TBA
9:30am Alumni Speaker-Polina S. Bakhteiarov '10-'11
Concurrent Sessions

  • Innovation for Humankind
    Presenters: Kelsey Boivin & Keely Swan
    MIT hopes "to develop in each member of the MIT community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind." This session will delve into MIT's mission statement by asking you to think deeply about the things you care about, your coursework and education at MIT, and how you, as an individual can use your passions and education for the betterment of humankind. In this session, we will discuss what it means to be a Reflective Practitioner in your field, and how perspective alters your understanding of context, problems, and thus, your solutions to those problems. We hope the session will help you to more concretely articulate your connection to MIT's mission, and then present a reflective model for moving into community-based change work.

  • The "F" Word: Demystifying Feminism and Utilizing it for Positive Social Change
    Presenters: Dr. Leah Flynn Gallant & Jacob Oppenheimer
    Why is Feminism a "bad word" for some of us? Why is it empowering for others? This interactive workshop will engage participants in an honest and participatory discussion on the many ways to look at feminism and the gendered construction of social roles, including femininity and masculinity. Participants will be able to identify ways feminism can be used as a tool in moving forward positive social change in all social justice movements.

  • "You are not, racist...sexist...homophobic...anti-muslim...anti-semtic, BUT that thing you did is..."
    Presenter: Ceaser McDowell
    Talking about race is hard. In part it is hard because we often don’t distinguish between what a person does/ says from who the person is.  In this interactive workshop,  participants will explore how and when to call out the racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic or anti-muslim, actions  of a person without declaring the person to be racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic or anti-muslim, etc,. And if they are, then how to name it without closing off opportunity for dialogue.

Noon Lunch- Endicott House  

Concurrent Sessions

  • It’s On Us: Making MIT Safer and More Supportive
    Presenter: Duane Defour
    This interactive, discussion based session will dig deeper into MIT’s recent climate survey results and examine ways we can make MIT safer and a more supportive community for survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence.

  • Understanding Mental Health and Wellness
    Presenters: Professor John Belcher and Active Minds at MIT
    MIT is a uniquely challenging environment,  and we will discuss pragmatic advice as to how to deal with many of the common issues students encounter here, as well as resources available to students. 

  • Intent, Impact, Words, and #Inclusivity
    Presenter: Joel Pettigrew
    We may speak with good intent, but the impact of our words may have a different effect.  How do we move forward from hurtful comments to utilizing inclusive and compassionate language?  This presentation borrows from Dr. Maura Cullen to explore the intent v. impact of our language and how we can build inclusive community through communication, including exploring the role of social media and digital communication in building and enhancing community.

2:30pm Concurrent Sessions

  • Does Money Matter? How socioeconomic status impacts our community
    Jason McKnight
    This workshop will be a roundtable discussion of the issues faced by students due to their socioeconomic status. Even though Financial Aid can help students pay their university bills, socioeconomic issues still arise throughout their academic careers. Most recently, families impacted by natural disasters and riots both domestic and abroad. All are welcome in this workshop so come ready with your point of view and your experiences so that the discussion will be rich, varied, and enlightening.

  • Stepping Up & Stepping In: The Dynamics of Gender and Privilege
    Presenters: Jean Bauer & Ryker Alan Reed

    Join us for an interactive activity that will highlight the everyday bias and systemic issues of sexism and cis-gender privilege.  For example, have you ever heard someone remark, "that test raped me" or “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” or “real men don’t cry”?  Would you like to know if and how to respond?  We will discuss issues of gender privilege at MIT through conversations around bias, misogyny, hetero-normativity, and transphobia. All genders are welcome.

  • Owning Your Privilege: Navigating Your Social Positioning

    Presenters:  Raul Bouqin & La-Tarri Canty

    What is privilege? Who has it? Why are people uncomfortable conversing about it? If you have it what should you do with it?  This session will define the term, provide participants with an opportunity to discover and discuss their intersections of privilege and delve into the complexities associated with owning it.

4:00pm Closing Speaker- Edmund Bertschinger, Institute Community and Equity Officer TBA
4:45pm Resources and Wrap-up TBA
5:00pm Departure TBA