Office of Multicultural Programs 2nd level

MC^2 2014 Workshops

"Re(Defining) Diversity: Every Story Matters"
MIT's Endicott House- Dedham MA

MC^2 Schedule
February 08, 2014
Registration deadline: Feburary 3, 2014
Registration is closed!
Time Event Room
8:00am Breakfast TBA
9:00am Introductions/Ice Breaker TBA
9:30am Keynote Speaker-Edmund Bertschinger-Community at MIT!
Concurrent Sessions
  • Dean Jason McKnight- Does Money Matter? The Impact of Socioecomonic Status on the Student Experience
  • Marlena Love & La-Tarri Canty- Identity Development and it’s Impact on Social Justice
  • Sean Delmore- "Be (Your Own) Model!?: Gender, Sexuality and Social Expectations"

Noon Lunch- Endicott House  

Concurrent Sessions

  • Sarah Rankin, Abigail Francis, Maitali Thakor and Margo Dawes- "Geek Culture and Gender Privilege"
  • Edmund Bertschinger- Up close and personal with the Institute Community Equity Officer
  • Joel Pettigrew- "Intent, Impact, Words, and Inclusivity: Do words matter?"
2:30pm Concurrent Sessions
  • Audra Bartz- "Mental Health"

  • Jessica Perez and Jennifer Ly- "Queer & Undocumented: Coming Out of Two Closets"
  • Qingyi Yu, Chris Espinoza and Onyinye Oriji- "Who am I and where do I belong?: Rethinking the role of acculturation"
4:00pm Closing Speaker-Dr. Robbin Chapman TBA
4:45pm Resources and Wrap-up TBA
5:00pm Departure TBA