Who’s Who in the Houses?

The residential houses at MIT are vibrant communities that play a large role in your life at MIT. Faculty, professional staff, graduate students and house government collaborate to enhance the sense of community and help students make the most of their MIT experience.

Residential Community Members Include:
  • Heads of House
    • Who: Faculty and their spouses or partners

      Where: All undergraduate and most graduate residence halls

      What: A Head of House is the leader of a House Team who lives in a residence hall, supervises the GRTs, and takes a lead role in building community and supporting and advocating for students.

  • Associate Heads of House
    • Who: Faculty and their spouses or partners

      Where: Currently, Ashdown House, East Campus, MacGregor House, Maseeh Hall, Sidney-Pacific and Simmons

      What: Some of the larger residence halls have Associate Heads of House to assist the Heads of House in leading the House Team.

  • Area Directors (ADs)
    • Who: Professional staff

      Where: Baker House, Burton Conner, East Campus, MacGregor House, McCormick Hall, Maseeh Hall, New House, Next House, Random Hall and Simmons Hall

      What: An Area Director (AD) is a full-time professional employee of the Residential Life Programs office. As a live-in member of the House Team, the AD provides individual assistance to students through personal advising, counseling and crisis intervention.
      To contact the entire Area Director team, email rlp-ad@mit.edu.

  • Graduate Resident Tutors (GRTs)
    • Who: Professional Staff

      Where: All undergraduate and graduate residence halls

A House Manager is a full-time employee of the Housing office who is responsible for the operations and facilities of a residence. He or she supervises the front desk, cleaning, and maintenance staff.

  • Resident Peer Mentors (only in Maseeh Hall, McCormick Hall, Baker House, and Next House)
Residential Life Programs, in collaboration with the Division Of Student Life, offers several opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to join the RLP team!

Graduate Resident Tutors
Graduate Resident Tutors (GRTs) are MIT graduate students who serve as live-in mentors to the undergraduate community. Typically, a GRT is assigned to a particular area within a residence hall, such as a floor or entry, and provides study breaks, community-building, and issues-oriented programs.

Summer Resident Assistants 
Summer Resident Assistants (RAs) help to create a community within a residence hall that is open for the summer by planning events and serving as liaisons to various MIT departments.