DSLx Life Learning

DSLx Life

Translating student life experiences
into online learning opportunities.

DSLx Life Learning answers two big questions: Firstly, how can complex on-campus student life learning experiences be translated into an online format? And, more importantly, what can students learn from student life?

A complete list of what DSL does and stands for would be very long. As its name implies, the division touches aspects of every MIT student’s life from the classroom to the dining hall, athletics to student activities, and religious life to residential life.

The lessons students learn through DSL programs last a lifetime, teaching invaluable concepts and skills that apply to life inside and outside the classroom. Coaches help student-athletes learn teamwork and time management skills in addition to their chosen sport. Student activities staff work with student group officers on budgeting, management, and leadership. Through DSL, students can cultivate their sense of identity and relationships, along with negotiation skills, communication skills, and much more. In these ways, DSL staff members are educators helping students learn directly and experientially.