Life Outside the Classroom

Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
The purpose of the FSILG Office is to enhance the out of class experience of the students at MIT and be an advocate for fraternal principles and a proponent of the shared values that living-learning communities provide. The FSILG Office works to promote a cohesive community that values civic and social responsibility, mutual respect, and the growth and development of organizations and their members.

Office of the Arts
Central administrative arts headquarters at MIT, established to oversee, coordinate, support, and facilitate arts activities for the Institute. The office works to establish and sustain rigorous curricular, cocurricular, and extracurricular programs in the arts at MIT; support the continuing integration of the creative and performing arts into the MIT community; facilitate communication, outreach, and participation between MIT and the Greater Boston community; promote cultural affirmation through the arts; and lead the Institute in addressing national arts issues.

Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center
(617) 253-0742
As a resource for both the MIT and local communities, the PKG Center provides programming, guidance, information, and support to all those who are committed to, interested in, or just curious about public service.

MIT Recreational Sports
The mission of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation is to bring students, faculty, and staff together in educational activities that promote healthy lifestyles, enhance a sense of community, foster growth in leadership and teamwork skills, and encourage the pursuit of excellence.

Residential Life
We create a living-learning experience that facilitates collaboration between faculty, staff, and students. We cultivate conditions that enhance the academic and social learning opportunities inherent in our residential settings.

Student Activities Office
(617) 253-6777
The Student Activities Office provides an environment for students to test new ideas, develop leadership skills and create community at MIT, while advocating for and affirming their identities. We provide leadership development programs, the spring concert and fall comedy show, support to the LCC and BSU, and advise all student organizations.

MIT Work Life Center
(617) 253-1592
The MIT Work-Life Center fosters a welcoming and supportive environment for all the diverse people who live, work, and study at MIT—and for their families as well. Our policy and advocacy work at the Institute is a catalyst for change, bringing MIT such innovations as the adoption benefit, state-of-the-art child care facilities, job-flexibility guidelines, and special reports on teens and young adults.
Our work not only improves the quality of life here—it has made MIT a role model for organizations around the world.