Health & Safety

Community Development and Substance Abuse
CDSA functions to serve all members of the MIT community in a comprehensive effort to enhance academic, social, and personal development. Overall, the CDSA advocates for the strengthening of a campus culture that promotes informed, responsible decision making, and the reduction of harm that is often associated with alcohol use, including poor academic performance, violence, high-risk sexual behavior, sexual assault, and addiction.

Community Wellness
(617) 253-1316;
We encourage members of the MIT community and their families to take advantage of the many free or low-cost programs, classes, and workshops offered by Community Wellness.

MIT Medical Mental Health Services
(617) 253-1307
Counseling, evaluation, treatment, crisis intervention, and referral.

MIT Medical, Women's Health Services
Services specific to women at MIT Medical.

(617) 253-5770;
A group of volunteer undergraduates who can answer basic health-related questions and connect students to MIT Medical's services and other helpful resources. There are MedLINK representatives in most campus and off-campus residences. Check the posters in your living groups for the name of your MedLINK representative.

MIT Police
(617) 253-1212

Violence Prevention and Response (VPR)
(617) 253-2300;
The Program for Violence Prevention and Response (VPR) is here to help anyone dealing with issues around sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking at MIT.