Moving Out

Moving off-campus or to a fraternity, sorority, or independent living group? Find out what you need to know here.

Moving off campus or to a fraternity, sorority, or independent living group (FSILG)

  • First-year undergraduates may not move off campus without special approval from the Division of Student Life (DSL).

  • If you are in your second, third, or fourth year, you may opt to live off campus. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be guaranteed on-campus housing should you wish to move back later.

  • Your housing contract is for the entire academic year. If you have already received an assignment to live on campus and you wish to move off campus, your rent will be prorated up to the last two weeks of the semester.

  • To move off campus, you must submit a Cancellation Form and inform your house manager that you will be leaving. Make sure your room is clean, then check out according to the rules of your residence and turn in all keys to the house manager. Please review check-out procedures for all residents.

  • Contact Housing & Residential Services if you want to discuss the financial implications of your move.

Moving to campus (from off campus)

Students currently living off-campus, or in an FSILG, who wish to move back onto campus can join the waiting list by submitting a Housing Request form anytime between June 1 and March 1. Housing & Residential Services makes offers throughout the year when there is available space. Off-campus offers are prioritized at the beginning of each semester. Offers are made in order of date applied.

Once you receive an offer, you will have two days to respond. Students have three options: accept the offer, decline the offer and be removed from all lists, or decline the offer for this semester and defer to the next. Students who do not respond to an offer will be removed from all waiting lists and must reapply if they choose.

If an offer is accepted, you and your house team will be notified. Room assignment chairs will handle the room assignment within the building. Housing & Residential Services will confirm your assignment and assign a move-in date.