Housing Selection Process

Room selection, like a lot of other things at MIT, is very unique.

At MIT, each building, and each floor/wing, has their own distinct personality.

To help you in the selection process, students in each community have created content and videos for you in the Guide to Residences and i3 videos. You will receive more information about viewing the accompanying website and videos in May. You may also want to check out the Residences section of this website to learn more about each building.

Once the first year housing lottery opens, you will be asked to go online and enter your preferences. Please remember to rank all of the communities (this includes the cultural houses) in order of preference. Entering your preferences helps us assign you to a residence hall that best fits your personality. The results from the lottery will be released in mid-July.

Reminder: The first-year housing lottery is not first-come, first-served, and there is no advantage for those who apply early. All applicants are given equal weight regardless of when the application is submitted.