The Program assumes full responsibility for the acts of all persons using housing provided by Housing & Residential Services in connection with the Program, and agrees to promptly reimburse Housing & Residential Services for any and all damages done to the facilities during the duration of the Program's stay.
  • To the extent possible, Housing & Residential Services will seek to identify the individuals responsible for the damage and will provide that information, if it exists, to the Program.
  • Individual guests are responsible for damage to their room while they are in residence, and any damage that they may cause to common space within their residence hall.
All persons staying in an MIT residence hall are responsible for Housing & Residential Services property while in residence, both inside and outside of the building, including but not limited to, furniture, light fixtures, windows, window treatments, computer equipment, ceilings, floors, rugs, doors, door frames, and walls.

Alterations, not permitted, this includes but is not limited to, movement of furniture from individual rooms or common areas, replacing door locks, making electrical or structural alterations, using nails, screws, or any material or items that may deface any surface, and painting any surface. Housing & Residential Services shall charge the individual guest or Program for the cost of any unauthorized alterations, equal to the cost of restoring the area to its original condition, plus a service fee.