Taking Leave and Housing (UG)

Students take leave from MIT for several reasons. Most requests for leave are processed by Student Support Services (i.e. voluntary leave, medical leave) or are voted on by the Committee for Academic Performance (i.e., required leave).
  • Students who have taken leave and are not registered are required to vacate their on-campus housing assignment within 72 hours following official leave.
  • Housing is not guaranteed to students who are returning to MIT from leave. However, every effort is made to give preference to returning students who have left for reasons beyond their control.
  • Housing & Residential Services coordinates with Student Support Services to determine the priority and necessity of housing for all students returning from leave.
  • As soon as students have made the decision to return to MIT, they are encouraged to apply for return housing by submitting the Housing Request Form.
  • Once the Housing Request Form is submitted, students will be assigned to housing in August if returning for the fall term, and in January if returning for the spring term. These assignments will be available just prior to Registration Day.