Eastgate Apartments Transition

Eastgate Apartments will close in Summer 2020

2020-2021 Rate Information & Housing Options

Graduate Tower at Site 4

Additional information regarding MIT's newest graduate residence hall, including the typical residential floor plan and unit layouts, is available by clicking here

Eastgate Transition Team

As MIT prepares to open the new Graduate Tower in Kendall Square (Site 4) and close Eastgate, a transition team will plan for establishing the new Site 4 community and supporting current Eastgate residents in finding new housing options. Involvement by graduate students and Eastgate residents is essential to the effectiveness of the planning process.

The transition team will serve as a conduit for current residents to surface questions and concerns about Eastgate closing and the new Graduate Tower in Kendall Square opening. The transition team will work collaboratively to develop plans that focus on the following key issues:

  • Closure of Eastgate
    • Develop information about housing options both on and off campus that can meet current Eastgate residents’ needs
    • Ensure that residents are informed regarding their options and receive priority in on-campus processes
    • Plan for move-out logistics
  • Opening of the Graduate Tower
    • New executive team membership, roles and responsibilities
    • Communication of information about apartment types, prices, and amenities
    • Plan for common spaces in the Graduate Tower
      • Building-wide community spaces
      • Family spaces (e.g. playroom and toys, shared playground use)
    • Plan for move-in logistics
  • Communication
    • Ensure good communication with residents and solicit input from key constituents

Smaller teams may be created as needed to work on specific topics.

Transition Team Members

  • Yu Qjan Ang, Westgate resident
  • Ari Bronsoler, Eastgate Executive Committee
  • Marie Shi Feng, Warehouse resident
  • Alexander Joerger, GSC representative, 70 Amherst Executive Committee
  • Christopher Mear, Eastgate Executive Committee
  • Sabrina Sayeed, off-campus graduate student
  • Amit Schechter, Eastgate resident

House Team

  • Katharina Ribbeck, Eastgate Head of House


  • Stephen Graves, Faculty, MIT Sloan School of Management

Division of Student Life

  • David Friedrich, Senior Associate Dean, Housing & Residential Services
  • Judy Robinson, Senior Associate Dean, Residential Education
  • Naomi Carton, Associate Dean, Residential Education
  • John Ross Campbell, Residential Education
  • Dennis Collins, Housing & Residential Services
  • Mary Liñan, Housing & Residential Services
  • Tasha Coppett, Housing & Residential Services
  • Zachary Tsetsos, Housing & Residential Services

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