Waiting List

A graduate housing waiting list is available each term for graduate students who did not get a housing assignment or missed the initial self-selection process, as well as visitors, researchers, and post-docs interested in living on campus.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in on-campus housing for the current spring semester, please apply to the waiting list before April 22. If you are interested in on-campus housing for the fall semester, please wait to apply to the fall waiting list when it opens on June 1. Visit our Dates and Deadlines page for a complete list of important housing dates.

Who should apply to the graduate housing waiting list?

  • Current graduate students, post docs, and visiting researchers who do not have an assignment in on-campus graduate housing.
  • Students who need to transfer between single and family housing due to a change in family status during the academic year.  Please contact Housing & Residential Services immediately to discuss your situation.

What do I need to know before I apply?

  • You will need MIT web certificates on your computer in order to apply.
  • Students/residents who already have on-campus housing will be removed from the waiting list unless they have a change in family status.
  • Only applicants who could not find an apartment through the initial self-selection process may join the waiting list after the self-selection process has closed.
  • Visitors should learn about their options before applying.
  • The waiting list cannot be used to change assignments.
  • Continuing status is not given through the waiting list process.
  • Family housing applicants must submit their proof-of-family documentation once they have signed a license agreement.

How Self-Selection Works with the Waiting List (Beginning June 1)

  • Applications submitted by Friday each week will be considered for self-selection the following week. Priority is first given to fully registered graduate students, regardless of application date.
Weekly Self-Selection Timeline for Waiting List Applicants



Application due by 11:59 pm




Affiliation and eligibility are confirmed




Preview available units online




Full-time registered graduate students self-select their assignments




Visitors self-select their assignment


  • If you choose an apartment through the self-selection process, you will confirm and accept your assignment by signing the license agreement.
  • There is no financial penalty if you do not find an apartment through self-selection. You may remain on the waiting list and continue with self-selection on a weekly basis.
  • If you self-select an apartment, it is your responsibility to notify us if you decide not to attend MIT. You department will not do this for you.