Family Housing Transfers

Find out all you need to know about transferring into or within family housing.

Apply for a family housing transfer

Students Currently Living in Family Housing

  • A student currently residing in on-campus family housing may apply for a transfer to another apartment as long as his or her family meets the residency requirements for the desired apartment type. See the chart below for more on priority classifications
  • Couples living in Sidney-Pacific, Edgerton House, or 70 Amherst Street may apply for a transfer to Eastgate or Westgate. License status will remain a one-year non-renewable
  • There is no minimum residency requirement required to apply for a transfer but if you have been assigned to family housing and have not moved in yet, you may not apply for a transfer until you have moved in
  • Once you apply for a transfer, you are expected to move if given the opportunity. If you decline an offer matching your application prefereces, you will be moved to the end of the list within your priority classification
  • You may transfer between apartments of the same type in the same building
  • Family residents who serve as officers in their building and are in good standing are eligible to move to the top of their classification
  • All transfers are subject to approval by the Housing Office

Transfers Due to Change in Family Size

Applications to transfer to a larger apartment due to change in size of family require documentation proving child/children. Documents include:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Visa or other government-issued document

Applications to move to a larger apartment due to upcoming birth of child require a letter from your doctor confirming the pregnancy and expected due date. You can apply after the 12th week of pregnancy, but an offer to move to a larger apartment will likely not occur until eight weeks before the baby's expected birth date.

Move Dates

  • On your application, you may specify dates you can or cannot transfer. Those dates will be taken into consideration when an offer is made
  • If you cannot move within the timeframe offered to you, the apartment will be offered to someone else and you will be moved to the bottom of the list within your priority classification


There is usually a $200 transfer fee to help offset the cost of turning over the apartment. Please refer to the chart below for transfers that may be exempt.

Priority Classifications and Transfer Fees
Priority Classification Currently Lives In Qualification Can Transfer To Transfer Fees
Level 1 efficiency expecting a child* or already have a child 1-bedroom N/A
  1-bedroom expecting a second child* or already have two children 2-bedroom N/A
  2-bedroom change in family/no children are now living with you 1-bedroom or efficiency N/A
Level 2 efficiency you have a child 2-bedroom $200
  efficiency lived in efficiency for more than one year 1-bedroom $200
  Eastgate center expecting a child* or already have a child Westgate 1-bedroom or Eastgate corner $200
  1-bedroom expecting a child* or already have a child 2-bedroom $200
  Eastgate center or corner unit on 2nd floor current assignment 1-bedroom on higher floor $200
  Westgate 2-bedroom on first floor current assignment 2-bedroom on higher floor $200
Level 3 efficiency lived in current assignment for less than one year Westgate 1-bedroom, Eastgate center or corner $200
  1-bedroom or 2-bedroom you meet no requirements for Level 1 or 2 but your family meets occupancy requirements for type available subject to availability** $200

* Families may not apply for transfer to a larger apartment until the 12th week of pregnancy.

** Couples may have only one child and qualify for a 1-bedroom apartment. Single parents may have up to two children and qualify for a 1-bedroom apartment.