Residential Life

Housing & Residential

Unique on- and off-campus
communities enhance the living and learning environment

At the core of the MIT housing experience is a powerful sense of community.

Every undergraduate and graduate residence offers its own rich social network, a distinct environment, lifestyle, and perspective. The goal of Housing & Residential Services is to keep those residences functioning, the communities within them thriving, and to give students the freedom and flexibility to decide what community fits them best. Explore this section to compare MIT residences, apply for housing, find a roommate or an off-campus apartment, learn how the Institute's innovative housing lottery works, and much more.

About Housing & Residential Services
Where you live at MIT is so much more than just where you stash your stuff. Every undergraduate and graduate residence has its own distinct culture, perspective, and lifestyle. And each contributes as much to the growth of the students who live there as their academic experiences do.

Our team are key members of these communities, working collaboratively with students and house governments to make sure they have the infrastructure and resources they need to realize their intellectual and personal goals.