Hobby Shop 2nd Level

Woodworking Tools

Tool Name Photo Description Use Additional Info
Saw Stop table saw
One 10" blade Make straight cuts in wood, plywood, sheet plastic  
Wood Band Saw
20" throat, 15" max height Make straight and curved cuts in wood, plastics and rigid foam  
Radial Arm Saw   14" blade, 23" max width Make straight square cuts in wood, plywood and other wood products  
Festool Kapex sliding Miter Saw   10" blade, 12"max cut width Make straight cuts square or angled in two planes in wood  
Jointer   12" max width, 12"minimum length Flatten face or straighten edge of solid wood  
Thickness Planer   24" max width, 12" min. length Make parallel face at specific thickness in solid wood  
Wood Lathe   One has 12" dia. over bed, 17" in gap, 60" between centers; Other has 12" over bed, 16" in gap, 36" between centers Turn wood and wood products to round cross sections Accessory: duplicator uses template to make multiples the same
Drill Presses (3)   8.5" throat, variable speed Drill holes .040"- 8" in wood, plastic and other materials Materials: Wood, plywood and plastic (no cutting oil)
 Speed Sander "Timesaver"     42" Wide belt sander, variety of rough to smooth sanding grits Sanding wide boards, table tops, doors  Tim the Beaver tested and approved 
Table Router   0.25" and 0.5" collets Shape edges in wood and wood materials  
Edge Sander
Belt 6" x 108" Smooth, flatten or shape wood surfaces  
Disc Sander   12" disc Flatten or shape convex surfaces Materials: Wood, plywood, MDF, some plastic and foam
Oscillating Drum Sander   0.25" - 4" drums Smoothing and shaping concave surfaces Materials: wood, plywood, MDF
Scroll Saw
22" throat Make interior cuts, tight curves and very fine kerf but only in thin materials (1" wood, 1/8" metal) Materials: thin wood, plywood and sheet metal