Hobby Shop 2nd Level

Metalworking Tools

Tool Name Photo Description Use Additional Info
Vertical Bandsaw
18" throat, 8" max.height, bimetal blade Make straight or curved cuts in metals including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and others.  
Horizontal Bandsaw
bimetal blade Make straight cuts in metal bar stock up to 10" diameter, lengths limited only by space in the shop 8' in front and 20' behind  
Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines (2)     Mill flat surfaces and edges, recessed pockets, drill holes with great precision. One machine has digital readout Materials: aluminum, steel, brass and other metals
Shear   36" width capacity, .05" mild steel and .10" aluminum max. thickness Make precise straight cuts in thin sheet metal  
Arbor Press
3.5 ton, 10"throat, 17" max .height    
36" width Bends sheet metal  
Grinder   Fine and Course 1" x 7" wheels Shape and sharpen steel tools and bits Materials: Steel
Pro Trax CNC Mill  




Precision Machining of Metals and Plastics Materials: Steel, aluminum and brass, plastic
Drill Press   10" throat Drill holes up to 12" diameter Materials: Metal, wood and plastic (cutting oil allowed)
Bench Machine Lathes (2)        
Harrison Alpha CNC Lathe
Capacity: 12" diameter over bed, 8"dia. over carriage, 36" length Make cylindrical shapes Materials: Metals and plastics
Omax Jet Machining Center
Capacity: 24"x 24" width and length and ~ 1 1/4" thickness Cut 2 dimensional shapes that have been CAD drawn and saved as a dxf file Materials: Metal, plastic, glass, stone, exterior plywood