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Fall 2020


Your Health & Safety Are Our Priority

As we welcome graduate students to on-campus housing for Fall 2020, the health and safety of the entire MIT community and our neighbors continues to guide our decision-making.  With guidance from MIT Medical, MIT Emergency Management and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have developed a multi-prong approach to move-in that aligns with established density restrictions in on-campus graduate housing and COVID-19 graduate student policies

The team at Housing & Residential Services (HRS) wants to assure you that we will continue to provide the support needed to successfully transition to campus.  We appreciate your continued partnership, patience and understanding as we navigate these challenges and focus on ways to keep our residential community safe. 

Additional housing information, FAQs and updates regarding Fall 2020 are available on the graduate housing dashboard.  

Helpful Contact Information



  • Residents may initiate the process to move into on-campus graduate housing by completing the following request form beginning August 1.  Residents who have already received a confirmed move-in date do not need to complete the request form. 


  • After receiving your request, HRS will respond within 5 business days to confirm your arrival date.  Please note that arrivals on Fridays and Saturdays cannot be accommodated due to COVID-19 testing requirements and testing availability through MIT Medical (see below).  Please do not make travel arrangements until you receive an email confirmation from HRS with your move-in date.   


According to COVID-19 graduate student policies, students, and their spouse, partner, or other adult authorized occupants (as applicable) MUST:

  1. Self-quarantine and receive a COVID-19 test at no cost from MIT Medical upon arrival to campus (graduate residents have 24 hours to test after arriving on campus); AND
  2. Receive a second COVID-19 test approximately 7 days later and remain in self-quarantine throughout this period until a second negative test is confirmed.


  • Residents should not arrive to campus or MIT housing if they are sick, having symptoms, or are in the process of being treated for COVID-19 at the time of their scheduled arrival.
  • Students will be provided access to their room on their confirmed arrival date, however, room keys will not be issued until a COVID-19 test has been administered by MIT Medical within 24 hours of arrival (proof of test will be provided by MIT Medical).   
  • Residents of family housing, one-bedrooms or efficiencies may self-quarantine in their living area.
  • Residents of two-, three- or four-bedroom apartments where overall density remains elevated may be required to live in temporary alternative on-campus housing coordinated by MIT (i.e. Burton Conner) during the self-quarantine period.​

Testing Availability: COVID-19 testing is available at MIT Medical from Monday through Friday during the hours listed below (times may be impacted during holidays).

  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Things to Know About Testing:

  • When you arrive, wear a face covering and maintain six feet of physical distance from others at all times.
  • Enter from the plaza adjacent to Building E15 (Wiesner Building) and head toward the testing trailer. You will not need to enter MIT Medical (E23) to access testing.
  • The test involves swabbing the inside of both nostrils. The process takes about a minute and there is very little discomfort.
  • Please do not park in the MIT Medical parking lot unless you require disability parking. The nearest large parking garage to MIT Medical is the Hermann Garage at Sloan; the smaller E51 lot is also conveniently located.
  • You will need to wait outdoors before entering the testing site. Please dress appropriately.

Any testing-specific questions may be directed to MIT Medical via email at medical@mit.edu.

  • Residents who test positive for COVID-19:  Any resident who tests positive for COVID-19 will have the full support and dedicated resources of the MIT community.  Campus partners, including staff from MIT Medical and the CARE Team, have developed a comprehensive approach to supporting residents diagnosed with COVID-19 until they fully recover.  This includes a temporary on-campus housing relocation depending upon housing type, meal delivery service and other assistance.
  • How to self-quarantine: The self-quarantine process limits a person’s movement during the period when it is unclear whether they have the virus.  If a person is quarantining, they will be instructed to limit their movements outside of their rooms during the quarantine period (7 days between COVID-19 tests).  That means you cannot have direct contact with anyone else and you must stay in your room except to use your assigned bathroom or to get packages or food while wearing a face covering. You can leave the building for about an hour to exercise each day, wearing your face covering the entire time. While outside your room, you must keep six feet apart from other people and wear a face covering at all times, including around people you know.


Residents who live in on-campus graduate housing will be required to adhere to all current COVID-19 graduate student policies.  You will also be enrolled in the Covid Pass system to complete daily health attestations and to fulfill other COVID-19 campus requirements. 

  • Special Note for Visitors to Massachusetts 

    As of August 1, 2020, individuals over the age of 18 entering Massachusetts from any international location, or from a restricted state, are now required to complete the state-mandated Massachusetts Travel Form either immediately prior to arriving, or upon arrival, to Massachusetts.   To learn more about these requirements, please click here.   

    As noted above, all graduate students arriving to live in MIT’s residence halls are required to receive a COVID-19 test at MIT Medical (at no cost) within 24 hours of arriving to MIT’s campus, and enter a 7-day self-quarantine period prior to taking a second COVID-19 test. 

    The Commonwealth requires visitors to quarantine for 14 days OR produce a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72-hours prior to arriving in Massachusetts. MIT’s COVID-19 policies for students who arrive to live on campus satisfy the state-mandated testing and quarantine requirements. However, students should still complete the Massachusetts Travel Form if arriving from an international location or a restricted state.

Frequently Asked Questions