Dining Dollars Add Convenience and Value to New Meal Plans

Use them on at on-campus eateries with a 5% discount, or at off-campus stores and restaurants at par. Flexibility. Choice. Value. Dining Dollars!

With a campus that covers 166 acres of Cambridge and extends more than a mile along the Charles River, MIT can seem like a tough place for a student to find a quick, nutritious meal that also takes advantage of their meal plan. That changes this fall with the advent of dining dollars.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining dollars are like cash, with an extra 5% buying power at on-campus eateries. Students can purchase meals throughout the academic year, including the Independent Activities Period (IAP) in January. Dining dollars are also part of each meal plan—distributed at the beginning of each semester—allowing students to obtain meals easily with a swipe of their MIT ID card.

A 5% Discount On Campus

Then there’s that 5% discount, helping students get more for every purchase and more flexibility out of their dining plan. Students on the go who are away from residential dining halls at mealtimes can use dining dollars at the following on-campus locations:

  • 100 Main Marketplace (E62)
  • Anna's Taqueria (W20)
  • Bosworth's Cafe (Lobby 7)
  • Cafe 4 (4-115)
  • Cafe Spice (W20)
  • Cambridge Grill (W20)
  • Dunkin' (W20)
  • Forbes Family Cafe (32-164)
  • Koch Cafe (76-150)
  • LaVerde’s Market (W20) - Note: the 5% discount is applied to food and beverage items only.
  • Pacific Street Cafe (NW86)
  • Shawarma Shack (W20)
  • Shinkansen (W20)
  • Steam Cafe (7-407)
  • TechMart at-cost grocery on the second floor of Walker Memorial (50)
  • All residential dining halls for regular meals
  • Late-night dining in Maseeh Hall and Simmons Hall

Valid Off-Campus, Too!

Additionally, students can use dining dollars at grocery stores and restaurants near campus. Please note that the 5% discount doesn’t extend to off-campus partners, but buying groceries with an MIT ID is a major convenience.

  • H Mart at 581 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
  • Sebastian’s at 415 Main Street, Cambridge
  • Oath Pizza at 181 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
  • Chicago Pizza at 239 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
  • Paris Baguette at 581 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Dining Dollars and Tech

If you have a TechCASH Flex plan in addition to Dining Dollars, the system will deduct purchases from Dining Dollars first at ALL dining locations, except LaVerde's. If you would like to use TechCASH flex funds, please tell the cashier to "use TechCASH." At LaVerde's, the system will take TechCASH funds first, then Dining Dollars.

Dining Dollars will roll over from the fall to spring but must be used by the end of the spring semester. Meal swipes, regardless of plan, expire at the end of each semester.

This fall, students at MIT will have more choices and better value than ever with the addition of dining dollars to each MIT meal plan. To view plan options or to enroll, please visit http://studentlife.mit.edu/dining/residential-dining/meal-plans/.