Meal Plan Basics

Any Plan Week

An "Any" plan has a set number of meals per week. The meal plan week begins with brunch on Sunday and ends at the close of Saturday dinner. Weekly meal plan allocations reset each Saturday following dinner service. The weekly meal plan balance adjusts at the end of each meal period to reflect breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner, and late-night service periods remaining in the week for that particular meal plan. The balance of unused swipes at the conclusion of a week do not carry over, and are not refunded, transferred, or accumulated in any way for future use.

Block Plan Semester

Each block plan is based on meals per semester. The meal plan begins at the first Saturday brunch of the semester and ends at the close of the last Friday dinner of the semester. Block meal swipes can be used at any meal period. Block meals not used by the end of the semester do not carry over and cannot be refunded, tranferred, or accumulated for future use.

Meal plan membership and privileges are nontransferrable and cannot be used to provide entry to another person or obtain food or beverage for others in any way, with the exception of redeeming guest passes associated with your meal plan.