Student and Family Outreach and Support

Dean on Call System

Staff members from the Office of the Dean for Student Life are available to students for emergency assistance after hours (from 5pm until 9am on week days and on weekends) or when the Institute is closed. 
To reach the Dean on Call, dial 100 from campus phones or 617-253-1212. This extension is staffed by the MIT Police. Ask to speak to the Dean on Call.
What is the Dean on Call?
MIT has an On-Call System to respond to emergency needs involving students and their affiliates and joining with others in the MIT community to provide immediate response as well as follow-up in the event of a student/campus emergency or crisis. The On-Call System is part of a network of responders including MIT Police, MIT Medical, Emergency Response Personnel, Student Support Services, Deans, Housemasters, Residential Life Program staff, and others.  
The primary focus of the system is outreach to the student(s) in need as well as providing appropriate resources for follow-up.  To respond effectively to such urgent and serious concerns, the On-Call System has developed a series of protocols that provide guidance in responding to incidents and will be evaluated annually to ensure their appropriateness and accuracy.  The general approach with all protocols is to respond to the immediate crisis with appropriate resources/measures and then to make sure that follow-up steps are in place, including communication to the appropriate persons and ongoing support to those in need.
What situations does the Dean on Call respond to? 
The On-Call responders may be involved in student matters related to medical and mental health emergencies/crises, incidents of serious injury or death of a student, incidents related to serious physical facility emergencies affecting students, and any other emergency that affects student welfare.
Who are the Deans on Call? 
The primary On-Call responders consist of seven Area Directors (AD), two Assistant Directors of Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups, who rotate coverage.  They are supported by a team of secondary responders: the Assistant Director of Student Outreach and Support; the Director of Residential Life Programs; Associate Dean, Residential Life and Dining; Assistant Dean, Residential Life, First-Year Program; and the Assistant Dean for FSILGs who are available to provide consultation and assistance. 
When is the Dean on Call available? 
The On-Call responders are responsible for coverage from 5PM – 9AM, Monday through Friday and all weekend on Saturday and Sunday and on MIT-observed Holidays.