FSILG Organizations

The FSILG Office advises these student organizations:

And the FSILG Office also works closely with these organizations:

Each fraternity, sorority, and independent living group is self-governing. Each organization manages its own operations and maintenance, and develops its academic, social, membership, recreational, and external policies and programs. These organizations provide a unique experience in leadership, community planning, and group interactions. FSILG communities are located on MIT's campus, as well as off-campus in a number of surrounding communities. The MIT FSILG map shows the location of all FSILG housing facilities.

  Fraternities                                   Sororities                                  Independent Living Groups

Alpha Delta Phi          Alpha Chi Omega        Epsilon Theta    

Alpha Epsilon Pi       Alpha Epsilon Phi        Fenway House    

Beta Theta Pi               Alpha Phi                     pika    

Chi Phi                      Delta Phi Epsilon          Student House    

Delta Kappa Epsilon   Kappa Alpha Theta        WILG    
Delta Psi - No. 6 ClubPi Beta Phi
Delta Tau Delta                Sigma Kappa   

Kappa Sigma

     Nu Delta

   Phi Beta Epsilon

   Phi Kappa Sigma

   Phi Delta Theta

   Phi Kappa Theta

   Phi Sigma Kappa

   Pi Lambda Phi

   Sigma Alpha Epsilon

   Sigma Chi

   Sigma Nu

   Sigma Phi Epsilon

    Tau Epsilon Phi

   Theta Chi

   Theta Delta Chi

   Theta Xi

   Zeta Beta Tau

   Zeta Psi