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Art Exhibition
Faces, Tales, Human Rights

Sunday, August 17 at 11am in the Small Dining Room in W11


Film Screening

Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence

Time: 6:00p–8:30p

Location: W79, MIT Simmons Hall, 229 Vassar St.

"A Rising Tide of Silence" is a reflective portrait of Father Thomas Keating, one of today's most influential spiritual leaders. Interweaving historical footage, interviews, and extensive conversations with Father Thomas, the film traces his spiritual journey from an affluent New York City childhood, to an austere Trappist monastic life, to his rise through the Order, and his election as Abbot of St. Joseph's Abby in 1961.

While at the Monastery in the early 1970's Father Thomas introduced Eastern religious practices to the monks and became one of the originators of Centering Prayer. After resigning as Abbott in 1981, Father Thomas founded Contemplative Outreach in 1984 to bring Centering Prayer to a worldwide audience. A renowned theologian and author of more than 30 books, Father Thomas Keating is widely recognized for his ecumenical approach to spirituality. For those who encounter him, his example is a moving modern journey of faith.

Screening will be followed by Conversation with Producer & Director Peter Jones

Open to: the general public

Sponsor(s): Religious Life, Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values, Prajnopaya at MIT, Simmons Hall

For more information, contact:
Christina English

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