Addir Interfaith Program

Addir Interfaith Program

Addir Fellows: MIT Interfaith Dialogue Program The Addir Fellows Program brings together thirty students of different faiths to learn from and engage each other in a stimulating environment. Addir is a word in Ancient Sumerian, which means 'bridge'. In the Addir Fellows Program we aspire to build bridges of dialogue and understanding. Addir Fellows - MIT Interfaith Dialogue Program is sponsored by The Office of Dean for Student Life, the Board of Chaplains and the Chaplain to the Institute.

Program Mission To equip individuals of different faiths with the skills to engage with and understand those from whom they differ. To enhance inter-group relations on the MIT campus, and to deepen individuals’ self-awareness.

Program Goals

  • Convene core group of 30 Fellows representing a broad range of faith perspectives
  • Enhance inter-group relations on campus
  • Prepare Fellows to lead in a diverse global community
  • Familiarize Fellows with the foundations of a multiplicity of faiths.
  • Empower the Fellows to develop campus-wide programs

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