Event Services

Opening of the CAC Reservation Books


2016 - 2017 Academic Year

Begins Monday, November 30, 2015 @ 9 am

Each year CAC hosts over 15,000 events in its spaces. Most spaces are heavily used especially during the academic year.
Each year CAC opens its book for the next academic year on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This year that date is November 30, 2015 as of 9 am. This opening covers September 7, 2016 through May 24, 2017. 
You must have an active CAC-DAPER virtual scheduling account to participate in this process. Student groups have a group account, and department staff have an individual account.
This year, you will have a new template in your virtual account to cover this opening: CAC Academic Year 2016-2017 Room Request. You will not be able to build off of any pre-existing reservations.
We strongly encourage you to read up on the rules and regulations of this opening, please click here, for that information.
Please note that the following dates have a different opening:
Summer 2016 opens February, 2, 2016 – Use CAC Summer 2016 Room Request
Orientation 2016 opens April, 4, 2016 – Use CAC Orientation 2016 Room Request (requests will not be reviewed until the summer)
Also note the following:
Promotional requests: opens December 1, 2015 for Spring 2016; opens May 1, 2016 for Fall 2016
Sandwich Board request: opens December 1, 2015 for Spring 2016; opens May 1, 2016 for Fall 2016