Graduate and Family Housing

Becoming a

Graduate Resident Advisors and Tutors (GRA/GRTs) are live-in mentors, role models, guides, and resources for the students who live in MIT's residential FSILG and residential dorm facilities.

The Graduate Resident Advisor or Tutor (GRA/GRT) is a live-in paraprofessional responsible for furthering the mission of MIT, the Division of Student Life, and the Department of Residential Life Programs within Residential Education. GRA/GRTs are members of a house team whose charge is to support and enhance the residential living and learning environment. A GRA/GRT works to fosters a supportive, safe, and positive living environment for all residential students. GRA/GRTs are mentors and educators who encourage personal growth, provide outlets for managing stress, and facilitate positive interpersonal relationships. GRA/GRTs are responsible for fostering an inclusive community built upon shared community standards and mutual respect.

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