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GRA Position Overview

GRA Application Information and Process: Spring and Fall 2021 openings

  • The GRA application for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 openings will be available Nov. 4
  • While COVID is impacting all normal campus operations, including GRA selection, we are accepting applications and following our standard timeline. We will be in communication with applicants as we have more information about how specifically the selection process will move forward.
  • Any applicant who accepts a GRA position will be required to live on campus and abide by all COVID requirements as long as they are in effect. Policies can be found here.

Position Overview
Graduate Resident Advisors (GRA) reside in all of our undergraduate residence halls and fraternities, sororities and independent living groups (FSILGs). It is the role of the GRA to:

  1. Foster a safe and inclusive community among the residents
  2. Build relationships with all residents, house team members, and other stakeholders within the MIT community
  3. Serve as a supportive mentor and role model for residents
  4. Provide residents with programming, resources, and positive learning experiences so they can thrive at MIT
  5. Solve problems and address urgent matters within the various communities