Below is a list of people who volunteer to serve on any of the four SEABoard Committees, as well as the SEABoard alumni who served in the past. The individuals noted with asterisk (*) after their name are the Committee co-chairs.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

 First Name  Last Name  Department
 Milo  Alto  Housing
 Barb  Bolich  DAPER
 Matthew  Breen  DAPER
 Sonja  Dagbjartsdottir *  DSL Administration
 Jessica  Duff  DAPER
 Abilail  Francis  Student Activities
 Gerardo  Garcia-Rios*  Student Support Services
 Emma  Johnson  Residential Education
 Trish  Moran  Residential Education
 Sonia  Raman  DAPER
 Alessandra  Robinson  VPR
 Cheryl  Silva  DAPER

Professional Development Committee

 First Name  Last Name  Department
 Don  Camelio  Residential Education
 Alicja  Estabrooks  DSL Administration
 Leah  Flynn Gallant *  Student Activities
 Katie  Hoppe  DAPER
 Liz  Jason  Residential Education
Michele  McCauley  DAPER
 Tessa  McLain *             Office of Student Citizenship
 Jennifer  Smith  CAC
 Sonja  Dagbjartsdottir  DSL Administration

Social Events and Wellness Committee

 First Name  Last Name  Department
 Naomi  Carton  Housing
 Tasha  Coppett *  Housing
 Victoria  Davenport  Dean's Office
 Jamie  Drahos  DAPER
 Bob  Ferrara  DSL Administration
 Graham  Haskin *  DSL Administration
 Meagan  Hildebrand  DSL Administration
 Dani  Korman  DAPER
 Noreen  Livingston  CAC
 Jennifer  Meredith  Residential Eductaion
 Stephanie  Smith  HFC-DAPER
 Jennifer  Sousa  Endicott
 Stephanie  Tran  DSL Administration

Steering Committee

 First Name  Last Name  Department
 Sonja  Dagbartsdottir *  DSL Administration
 Alicja  Estabrooks  DSL Administration
 Robert  Ferrara *  DSL Administration
 Leah  Flynn Gallant  Student Activities
 Gerardo  Garcia-Rios  Student Support Services
 Elizabeth  Green *  DSL Assessment
 Graham  Haskin  DSL Administration
 Tessa  McLain  Office of Student Citizenship

Former SEABoard Committee Members

 First Name  Last Name  Department
 Lauren  Haynie  DAPER
 Nilam  Kotadia  Housing
 Libby  Mahaffy  Residential Education
 Sarah  Green  CDSA
 Michelle  Fisher  Religious Life
 Connie  Hemenway  Housing
 Michelle  Lessly  Residential Education
 Tiffany  Mendelez  AODS
 Adam  Reynolds  Religious Life
 Erin  Roche  Alumni-DAPER
 Jamie  Sinetar  Chancellor's Office
 John  Wuestneck  Religious Life
 Chad  Martinovich  DAPER
 Jordan  Weiner  Residential Education
 Sally  Susnowitz  Administration
 David  Nunez  Housing