Student Activities Office 2nd Level

About MC^2


Have you ever wondered what it would take to help MIT grow in areas of multiculturalism, diversity, or social justice?

  • Are you curious about aspects of identity and what role they play in people’s experiences on campus?
  • Would you like to learn and develop more diversity-related skills and cross-cultural competencies?
  • Do you wish you had more of a voice around issues of Diversity and Inclusion at the Institute?
If you answered yes or are curious about these questions, then we invite you to attend this year’s Multicultural Conference (MC Squared).  

During the conference we will facilitate an honest, open, and interactive dialogue about the cultural climate at MIT, learn from people's experiences, and develop plans to cultivate a campus environment that promotes equality and acceptence of others.

 Workshops will include the following:

"Beyond the Box"
Workshop Theme:  Awareness
Presenters: Duane de Four and Jason McKnight
A fun and interactive look at traditional masculinity as it is defined in America and the ways in which “boys” and “men” are pushed to limit and control their own behaviors in an effort to be seen as a masculine person. We will also examine the way this process often leads to harmful behaviors towards themselves and others.

Young, Diverse, and Gifted: Developing a Personal Brand for the Young Minority Professional
Workshop Theme: Skillset Building
Presenters: Jessica Faith Carter and Denis Del Agulia
From the “swoosh” on your favorite pair of kicks to the “silver apple” on your gadget of choice, companies know exactly what it takes to market their products to consumers and distinguish themselves from competitors. Just like the executives at Fortune 500 companies, aspiring young professionals need to develop the necessary skills to build a strong personal brand to make them stand out in the workplace. This is especially essential for young minorities who are entering industries with less minority representation. This interactive workshop will equip participants from all backgrounds with a basic toolkit for building their personal brand. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have a foundation upon which they can continue to build their brand and position themselves for success. Additionally, each participant will develop a 30-second personal pitch that will be of use when networking.

And What About Religious and Spiritual Diversity?  
Workshop Theme: Awareness
Presenter: Ora Gladstone
How do religious misunderstandings and divides affect communal life and how do we think of and experience these divides at MIT? This workshop, representing the Addir Fellows-MIT Interfaith Dialogue, will use case study methodology to explore how religious and faith-based concerns and misunderstandings challenge the use of public spaces. How do we apply these lessons to campus life?  The case study method allows participants to immerse themselves in complex leadership contexts and provides a starting point for critical thinking, investigation, and discussion.  Atheists, agnostics, secularists and people of all faiths are welcome.

“Difficult Conversations”

Workshop Theme: Skillset Building
Presenters:  Toni Robinson and Tobie Weiner

In this highly interactive one-hour workshop, participants will discuss how to identify roadblocks, strategies and other resources for handling everyday conflicts with and between students.  Discussions will also include communicating and negotiating constructively; brainstorming and evaluating options for resolution.  The workshop will utilize a short exercise and case scenarios to add to participants’ conflict management tool kits.

Being a Transgender Ally
Workshop Theme: Awareness

Presenters: Abigail Francis and Val Healy

Have you ever heard the terms Transgender, GenderQueer, Intersex, or Cisgender? Can you describe the difference between sex, gender, gender roles, gender expression, and sexuality? Are you aware that people who identify as transgender and/or gender variant face harassment and discrimination even at "progressive" places like MIT?  Please join us for information and a discussion about being inside and outside of the gender binary.  Come learn more about the facts, the challenges, and the role you and others can play as an ally and advocate.  All are welcome.

***There will be several other workshops and guest speakers***